Hey, What’s in a Training?

Want to know more about what Write On California’s plain language training is like? We’re glad you asked! (Did you? Yeah, you did.)

First, we get the boring stuff out of the way — we tell you a little about us, our experience, why you can expect to trust we know what we’re talking about.

Then, we talk about the background stuff — this is the stuff that will impress your colleagues when they ask why they should care about plain language. We’ll talk about the history of plain language, how it came to be “a thing,” and the laws & policies that govern why we legally and ethically need to write in plain language.

Finally, we get to the good stuff: the plain language. We:

  • Go over the nine plain language principles. We didn’t make this stuff up — these are the researched and tested federal guidelines.
  • Use these plain language principles to re-write some hard-to-understand sentences.
  • Test what you’ve learned! We’ll break into small groups with some short documents that you can rewrite and share with the classroom.

Plain language is, at its very simplest, a language. Languages need to be practiced and repeated in order to be mastered. Even the most literate person needs to practice plain language in a training like ours in order to learn and maintain it.

Let’s have some fun, eh? Contact us to learn how we can tailor a training to your office needs.

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