How Working With Us Begins

We completed a content analysis for a government client. We analyzed (among other things):

  • Active vs. passive tense
  • Percentage of difficult words
  • Excessive words and jargon usage
  • Sentence to paragraph ratio
  • Words per sentence
  • Plain design and layout

We found their storytelling to be exceptional, but readability fell into college grade levels with as little as 10% readability. (By contrast, Time Magazine is 52% readable, and Harvard Law Review is 32% readable.)

As a government agency, it doesn’t matter how strong or urgent your message is if readers don’t understand it. We’ll set up a personalized training just for them next month. (We don’t do cookie-cutter trainings; we care about you and your message, and your training deserves the same respect.)

Analyzing existing content is a critical beginning to any client relationship. We look at websites, press releases, brochures, annual reports, social content, and other communications and marketing materials.

Do you wonder how your digital and printed content stacks up in readability and plain language? Contact us!

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