National Grammar Day

Happy National Grammar Day!

It’s another one of those “holidays” like National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month (November) and National Puppy Day (March 23). (Please note: those are also holidays that we at Write On California take very seriously.) However, National Grammar Day, celebrated every March 4, gives us an excuse to talk about grammar and why it matters.

  • It matters to your readers.
    • Good grammar helps your readers understand your message and literally help their brains pause, process, and understand. Bad grammar will trip up your reader, requiring them to reread a passage and possibly misunderstand your message altogether.
  • It matters to the courts.
    • Courts often look to the “plain language” of a law, ordinance, policy, contract, etc. Using good grammar (like accurate punctuation, active voice, and, yes, even the Oxford comma) will usually eliminate any question of your message and intent.
  • It matters to your boss.
    • Writing with good grammar will remind your boss and coworkers why they hired you: you’re a smart, educated professional and awesome at your job! Bad grammar will remind them they may have made a mistake in your hire. (Eek!)

There are so many rules to good grammar, and the rules even change when it comes to style guide application. Here’s a trick to become a Grammar Pro: pick one rule a week to learn and practice. If you don’t know where to start, Write On California recommends the grammar bible: Strunk & White’s Elements of Style.

As you practice your good grammar, don’t forget to get ready for Everything You Do Is Wrong Day (March 16), when we’ll address the Oxford Comma and why you should use it!

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